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Paul Baartmans: light-art


“My main material is light.
Whether working for a gallery presentation or in commission for the public domain, I like to toy around with dynamic factors like movement, randomness and interactivity.
Another important motive is to create works that can cope with their surroundings on a monumental scale. Diverging ingredients such as shadow, rhythm, sound, reflections, interference of wavelengths, combinations of light art and architecture or (urban) nature; all this can contribute to a variegation of results, whereas my main aim is to provoke feelings of surprise and wonder.
The ultimate goal, however, would be sharing the fun of playing with all there is to play with.”


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commissions, stipends


2015 light art at City Hall of Schiedam NL

2015 temporary light art installation, Bochum Gemany

2014 Transit Oriented Development, BNA

2014 light art The Hague-Ypenburg NL

2013 light art commission Amsterdam

2012 draft for light art installation The Hague

2012 light art commission Amsterdam

2011 draft for light concept railway bridges Berlin

2010 commission for fire station Alkmaar NL

2010 light art commission Utrecht NL

2008 light art commission Rotterdam

2008 Frits Philips Light Art prize contestant

2007 commission for Rotterdam City of Architecture

2007 draft for RUHR.2010, Essen Germany

2006 light art commission, Amsterdam

2006 draft for light art project Bochum Germany

2005 light art commission Amsterdam

2003 light art for railway station Amsterdam

2002 City of Geldern, Germany: stipend


(selection)  Group/Solo

2017 LichtkunstGouda NL G

2017 "Zen' La Folie, Ostbevern Germany S

2016 'MOVE' Van Abbehuis, Eindhoven NL G

2016 LichtKunstGouda Gouda NL G

2016 Robodonien, Cologne G

2016 'Kaleidoscope' Almere NL S

2016 Heerlijck Licht Diepenheim NL G

2015-16 Arcam XS Market, Amsterdam G

2015 Inkijk Gallery Amsterdam S

2015 Winterlicht Schiedam NL G

2015 Robodonien, Cologne G

2015 Angle Gallery Amsterdam, S

2015 Parklight, Amsterdam G

2014 LichtKunstGouda Gouda NL G

2014 De Nederlandsche Bank NL G

2014 Robodonien Festival Cologne  G

2014 Hanging Around, CBK Amsterdam G

2013 Amsterdam Light Festival G

2013 LichtKunstGouda Gouda NL G

2013 Winterlicht Schiedam NL G

2013 Wonderstroom festival Flushing G

2012 Zpace InvaderZ, Almere NL (duo)

2012 Frankendael Foundation, Amsterdam G

2012 Into The Great Wide Open, Vlieland G

2012 Inkijk Gallery, Amsterdam S

2012 Interference, Breda NL G

2011 Winterlicht, Schiedam NL G

2011 Robodonien, Cologne Germany G

2010 Polderlicht@home, Amsterdam G

2010 Liquid Area, Herne Germany G

2010 Robodonien, Cologne Germany

2009 Winterlicht, Schiedam NL G

2009 Museum TwentseWelle Enschede NL G

2008 Kunstlicht in de Kunst Eindhoven NL G

2008 Vishal Haarlem NL G

2007 CCNOA Brussels Belgium G

2007 Kunstlicht in de Kunst Eindhoven NL G

2007 Kunstfort Vijfhuizen NLS

2006 Lichtrouten Lüdenscheid Germany G

2006 Surf:)  Amsterdam (+Erik Urlings)

2006 Flow~  Amsterdam G

2006 Museum Bochum Germany G

2005 Reservoir IX, Wasserspeicher Berlin G

2005 Safe-de Flat, Zwolle NL S

2005 RC De Ruimte IJmuiden NL

2005 Nieuwe Vide Haarlem NL S

2004 VHDG Leeuwarden NL G

2003 Polderlicht Amsterdam G

2003 Toon-Festival Haarlem NL G

2002 Arti et Amicitiæ Amsterdam G

2002 De Gele Rijder Arnhem NL S

2001 VHDG Leeuwarden NL G

2001 Smart Project Space Amsterdam G

2001 Hooghuis Arnhem NL G

2000 Artoll Bedburg Hau Germany G

2000 CBK Nijmegen NL G

1999 Nieuwe Vide Haarlem NL G

1999 Buro Empty Amsterdam S

1999 Artoll Bedburg Hau Germany G

1998 Der Aa-kerk Groningen NL G

1998 NIMK-Montevideo/TBA Amsterdam G

1997 Planetart Hengelo NL G

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e-mail: info[at]paulbaartmans.nl

phone (mob)  +31 (0) 617336200

! news

14 t/m 28 december 2018
LichtKunstGouda, Gouda NL


14 to 29 december 2017
LichtKunstGouda, garden Museum Gouda (NL)


2 november bis 9 december 2017
Kunstverein Ostbevern (Germany)


13 mei t/m 4 juni 2017
MOVE, Van Abbehuis Eindhoven (NL)


december 2016
LichtKunstGouda, former orphanage, Gouda NL


september 2016
Robodonien, robot art festival, Cologne


july / november 2016
'Kaleidoscope', Almere-Buiten (NL)


february 2016 Heerlijck Licht Diepenheim (NL.)


nov 2015 / april 2016 Arcam Market XS
Arcam centre for architecture Amsterdam


dec 2015 / jan 2016 ZEN City Hall Schiedam (NL)


2015 / 2016 Inkijk Gallery Amsterdam


2015 Winterlicht, Schiedam NL, light art


2015 Robodonien Cologne, robot art


2015 Angle Gallery Amsterdam, solopresentation


2015 'Blue Moon' Bochum (G) video/light art installation


2015 Parklicht  Amsterdam, light art


2014 LichtkunstGouda Gouda (NL), light art


2014 De Nederlandsche Bank Amsterdam
"I am not doing anything until I feel the need"

               'Man Of Sorrow' Paul Baartmans


2014 Robodonien Cologne, robot art


2014 Hanging Around CBK Amsterdam


2014-2015 Designing TOD
Transit Oriented Development

study assignmentBNA / TU Delft (NL)
in association with:Benjamin Robichon,
Maike van Stiphout, Floris Visser


2014 'Kaleidoscope'  The Hague NL, light art installation


2013 -14 Amsterdam Light Festival
Botanical Gardens greenhouse, Amsterdam


2013 LichtkunstGouda  Gouda NL, light art


2013 Winterlicht Schiedam NL, light art


2013 Wonderstroom Flushing NL, light art


2013 'Flash!'  Amsterdam, light art installation


2012 'LUX', Amsterdam, light art installation


2012 Urban Outsiders, Frankendael Foundation, Amsterdam


2012 festival Into The Great Wide Open, Vlieland NL


2012 Interference, Breda NL


2012 Galerie Inkijk, Amsterdam


2011 draft for railway bridges Berlin


2010 'Noorderlicht' light art commission Alkmaar NL


2010 'Slow Down' light art commission Utrecht NL

Big Wave (Herne)

Big Wave (Herne)

Big Wave (Herne)

Big Wave (Almere)

Big Wave (Almere)

Big Wave (Gouda NL)

Big Wave (Gouda NL)

Big Wave

2010 Flottmannhallen, Herne (Germany)
2012 Zpace Invaderz, Almere (NL)
2014 LichtKunstGouda (NL)

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About as many as 100 neon tubes are positioned in such manner, that, floating above the surface of the exhibition space, together they form the flowing shape of a giant wave. Through these neon tubes waves of light are rolling towards the viewer, at a varying, but persistent pace. Meanwhile, unpredictable sparks of light occur, as if rays of sun are glistening on the suface of the wave. This massive 'corpse' of light appears to be a living and independent, although not communicating, creature.

For video  VIMEO

Hokusai: the great wave off Kanagawa

Exhibited in the context of 'Liquid Area' as a part of RUHR.2010, Cultural Capital of Europe.

An excerpt from the 'Liquid Area' catalog text:
"The fascinating thing about waves is, that, although deriving from mathematical, physical and meteorological patterns, inevitably they are bound to turn into chaos at the end of their existence. All kinds of specific principles determine the size and speed of the wave as it rolls on, as well as the way it interacts with other waves, and the moment in which the wave will break. Although a wave may travel hundreds of miles, under stable conditions its shape will remain almost unchanged. The moving wave itself and the water that is carrying its crest are merely independent from each other: both can move in opposite directions without affecting the waveform. However, at the decisive moment that the wave will crush on the shore, these principles won't be of importance any longer: a breaking wave shows an entirely different shape, as the foaming and swirling mass seems stripped of all reason."



Neon, electronics, steel
varying dimensions